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Music Mauritius Foundation

Alleviate Poverty with Music Education

The Music Mauritius Foundation 

The Music Mauritius Foundation (MMF) is a Mauritian-German collaboration, created in 2020 and registered with the Registrar of Foundations Mauritius in December 2020.
The activities offered by MMF can lead the way out life threatening dangers associated with poverty. One shining example is the music school project "Vent  d'un Rêve" which has been a great success in recent years and which shall also benefit from MMF coaching.

Music Performer



Our vision is to encourage children from deprived areas to learn music and play an instrument so that they can join various types of ensembles.

The overall goals are:

  • To foster, by way of music, a positive personal development for the children

  • To contribute to a thriving and rich music culture in Mauritius.

Music Sheets



Our mission is to convey music skills with special pedagogical focus by our internationally followed “three-point programme”

This allows high standard educational skills to be conveyed in the most effective way. The programme relies both on digital and physical tuition and shall meet the standards of ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).

Current Activities

Current Activities

Drum Session

Watch the full version of the class on our YouTube channel

Current Activities

Guitar Session 

Watch the full version on our YouTube channel

Current Activities

Singing Session 

Watch the full version on our YouTube channel

Meet the Mentors and Teachers

From 2021, a core orchestra of local and international professional musicians will train  music teachers who will then pass on their skills across the Island to music students. At the same time, this core orchestra will be offering regular concerts.

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